Monday, August 13, 2007

A Guinea Pig Named Luna

I really want to have a pet guinea pig since i think they are so damn cute. But a pet shopkeeper told me that guinea pig smells quite stink. So, I don't think that guinea pig is a suitable pet for me.

Until one day, after helping my friend packing all his things because he wanted to move to KL, he gave me one of his guinea pigs. It is a 2-months-old, white with black and brown spots female guinea pig. I named her Luna since my friend hasn't given her any name yet. I pick Luna cuz i got her at a full moon night.

Read at LYN that i must find her a mate (either male or female) cuz she will be frightened and lonely if living alone. Duh.. Wanna find a long furred one to accompany her.. So, here she is..

Keroro Robo MK-II and Tamama Robo MK-II

The MK-II Robos being released as updated and enhanced version of the original Robos. These Robos are capable of transforming into three modes; vehicle mode, robot mode and secret mode.

On June 07, Bandai has released Keroro Robo MK-II. As for me (who has been waiting for ages for new Keroro release) this Robo is definitely very appealing. The designs are much like a gundam model and it transforms into other mode smoothly.

Vehicle Mode

Robot Mode

While on July 07, another Robo has been released, which is the Tamama Robo MK-II. I like Tamama Robo MK-II more since i like the fan-like design on its shoulders, and the saw and drill on its hands. (Cuz I'll always be a fan of Tamama)

Vehicle Mode

Robot Mode

Today, found out that both the XL-Shop and Teencom already have Kururu Robo MK-II on sale. Will buy him today and put his pics tonight.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Some better pics of Sheimi

These pics were taken yesterday. Seems like Sheimi can tolerate with photo-shoot now. Hehe


Posing to the camera

Lying down


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Kaiyodo Revoltech Fate/Stay Night Saber

Looks like i got a new line of toys to collect. They were known as Revoltech, based from the Revolver joint, which all of the figures utilise. This gives the figures a high degree of poseability, allowing for many dynamic and varied poses.

At first, I didn't have any interest to collect them since they were a bit pricey. But one day, i noticed that Kaiyodo has released a figure of Saber from Fate/Stay Night anime. Since i really like this anime, i've finally bought her. I'm really impressed with how they made this figure. Almost all joints are movable so that the figure can be fully poseable. Sweet.

Here is my first Revoltech, Saber

Yesterday, went to Teencom and found out another version of Saber was on sale there. This is not what i planned to buy at first, cuz i planned to buy either Gaiking or Mazinkaiser. At last, after thinking for about half and hour, i decided to buy both of them. Oww, there goes some of my Sabah's allowance.

This alternate version of Saber came with two swords (one of them is transparent; same like the normal version), a mask and a base for it to stand..

Saber (Alter version)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Last Day With Sheimi

Sent Sheimi to my parents' house this morning. Oww, how I wish I won't be going to Sabah for too long. But wish aren't coming true since they have added a few more days for me to stay there. Duhh.. This morning, change his bedding so that Abah doesn't need to change it when I'm in Sabah. And warned Apiq not to touch or take him out from the container (as if he dares to do that). These are some pics of Sheimi that I have taken on last Sunday. I'm sure I'll be missing him so much when I'm there..

The first thing that he does when being put on the table.. Sniffed here and there

Wow, Sheimi wanna play with robot.. Just like me..

He sniffed some sweet smells on Din's wedding card then licked.. Then bit them.. Aiyah, Uncle Din will be mad at you..